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The modern dApps infrastructure

We enable developers to build and run scalable applications across different blockchain implementations.

About ChainsAtlas

Learn one way to build decentralized applications with ChainsAtlas and reuse your code and abilities to build dApps for any blockchain with a smart contract implementation

What we are working on

ChainsAtlas is a new blockchain technology that leverages virtualization and multiple distributed ledger technologies with a smart contract feature to create a cross-chain decentralized homogeneous network for distributed software and data processing.

Our technology :

Completely trustless

Run regular software decentralized on any smart contract-enabled blockchain

Global interoperability

Enabling generic interoperability between smart contract blockchains

Blockchain technology

Enabling direct access and integration of functionality of the underlying blockchain

Emulate environments

Enable legacy software from different platforms such as classic games to run decentralized on a blockchain.

Endless Scalability

Scale your solutions within a blockchain ecosystem and even in between ecosystems

Jan Hanken

Ever looking for use cases using exciting tech, annoys people with it constantly.

Marcos Medeiros

Lead-Developer that turns nerdy ideas into real applications for the masses.

Ayoub Ben Chaliah

Tech wizard constantly challenging whats supposed to be 'possible'.

Meet our founders

Born out of the necessity for a better and more secure way to share data between data and software providers, our founding team quickly realized that the technology at hand enabled so much more! That’s how it begins, and Ayoub, Jan, and Marcos invite you to join them on their exciting journey!


Any data provider or software provider can benefit from our solution, the application fields are infinite.